Boyzz Life in 2020.

We came back from Malta in early January and made ourselves at home again in Moraira, before going out to a special dinner at the Dauphin the next night


dau2 dau3 dau4 dau5
6 wines were supplied by a Valencia bodega. Once it started, the food was great. Bert & Caterina were welcoming hosts

On January 21st we went to the Opera., Elektra, in Valencia .

op1 op2 op3 op4 op5
A pleasant lunch on arrival in Valencia. Followed by Tapas in a local bar after the 1 Act (=no posh tapas) Opera


Then we had to bid a tearful Farewell to Lausanne Ted- his 46 plus years had worn him out

ted1 ted2
Farewell, old friend

Then Margaret & Sally came out for a few days on February 10th

They bought us Steiff Fynn plus suitcase


mag1 mag2 mag3
And we bought a posh cloth down at Cafe 19 during our lunch there. Then visited Albarda Garden
mag4 mag5 mag6
before lunching on 5 Tapas at El Templo restaurant in Benidoleig

Their visit was followed immediately by a 5 day trip to Berlin

And then, our last outing before the great Coronavirus lockdown, a long weekend in Catalonia

The great Coronavirus Lockdown started on March 15th and for 58 days, during whish we were not even allowed outside in the streets for a walk: luckily, being the only bears present in our Media Luna Urbanisation, we could stroll around the pool so did not accumulate too much excess weight( though, to disperse the general gloom, the madre was quite generous with our treats!). Then until Lockdown 98 ( and we counted all these days down ourselves!) we were allowed out for once a day within a kilometre radius. And . . . we were allowed out for outside meals

lock1 lock2 lock4 lock3 lock5
Celebrated the madre's birthday- cake on the small size! . . Monitored her walking laps on the pool terrace. Tried to avoid the road blocks & cheered on the fire fighting plane


Unfortunately the madre decided we were a trifle scruffy! But we did receive lots of corks- Cava a Lockdown treat!
lock37 lock38 lock-masks
First outing in 60 days- Cafe 19 and some funny masks!
car2 car1 lun4
Then lunch with Carol in Sensatez , socially distanced of course! And yet more good grub down at the Food Bar
lun1 lun2 lun3

Tha State of Alarm ended on Lockdown 99 and on Lockdown 100, June 22nd, we had our suitcase packed and were wending our way North East to Asturias- a 9 hour car journey. There we stayed for 10 gorgeous days with Alfredo & Jimena- the padres tried to persuade us they were perfecting their Spanish, but, us lads, we did not notice much improvement!!

. . .

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