Boyzz on the Silver Explorer, Fort Lauderdale to Guayaquil 2019



Another whole month of excitement and 28 whole days of pampering aboard the Silver Explorer.


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It all started well with Premium Economy from Madrid to Miami

hotel bo3 bo4 bo5
Iberia lost a case, but we did without it in Fort Lauderdale : it caught up with us before we had to steer the ship out to sea for Captain Eric
bo2 bo7 bo7 bo8
Then into serious wining and dining - though we seem to have missed out on those afternoon teas this time
bo9 bo10 bo11 bo12
We even had a go at cooking our own food in Hot Rocks, but must admit the presentation was more refined in the restaurant


203 448 449 570
Once our presence on board became known everyone wanted to eat with us and have their photo taken with us
615 600 618 619
Mario, Nicki, the expedition leader, Danae, the padres, Arnie, our personal butler, Miriam. our favourie waitress,
569 630 ind-chef
the Staff Captain, Danae- again!, the Goan chef, who prepared us a special Indian feast, and Djamel, the hotel director


153 152 154
and Daryn, alias Father Christmas of 2018. Then we decorated a special table for Lynne's birthday bash


Wow!- were we treated royally( & yoga??) by Captain Eric & Kelly


622 624 061 062
So glad we were not pollywogs when it came to crossing the Equator! Taught good friends Kevin & Adrian a bit about Bridge!

Then on to a few excursions - see map above

37 42 006 007
Introduced to the Garifuna culture in Dangriga. Followed - the best bit! - by lunch at the Pelican Beach Hotel



088 0200 c-018 109 108
Ashore at Guanaja Cay, then landed at Graham's Place for an afternoon of sun, sand & sangria



117 hike 90 136 c-018
After a gruelling hike on Providencia Island- luckily we were carried- a relax with a cold beer on an idyllic beach

. . .

156 c-025 161

Then a tour of Cartagena -added driving a horse and carriage to our repetoire


172 195 196 197
The sculptures of Edouard Carmona were just perfect for us lads to perfect our modelling skills!


192 193
Had the presenters worried in this coffee tasting - but Colombian coffee, ugh!


207 209 210
A couple of margaritas for the padres please. Kevin just could not resist yet another photo with us!. Invited 1st to the yummy barbecue too


208 218 211 219
Such a perfect setting, and the madre got an easy swim too

Then, maybe the whole purpose of this trip, the transit of the Panama Canal - a long day for us



227 252 247
Dawn at the Atlantiic bridge; Pierre's lecture on the canal's history; up the 3 Gatun locks; pauso in the Gatun lake, providing time for lunch
248 254 265 261
Note the madre has the healthy option! Then on through the Miraflores locks and down under the Bridge of the Americas to the Pacific

289 .

280 283 c-044 287 285
Next day a jaunt round old Panama City, best bit the yummy ceviche served with a cold beer at the end

e2 . 320

A trip into the depths of the Darien Jungle- we were a trifle doubtful about this, but got out alive

302 c-050 307 318
A long trip from the boat to the river mouth; we bagged a zodiac, the more intrepid braved the locals' boats. A muddy, but colourful landing
darien 324 325 326
Nervous of getting out of our bag, lest the kids thought we were a gift! . A strong headwind led to delay in getting back to the ship- scary!


Catherine, Val, Daryn & Isobel braving the rapids


354 raft2 e-1  
Had to give moral support to the madre on a trip down the Sauvegre river; no helmets to fit us, so could
361 372 370  
not actually help with the paddling. But Babsi came to the rescue . Looked calm at start & finish!


381 381 384  
A trip to the Carara National Park form Punta Arenas was a flop: no birds, just a frog & millions of leaf eater ants

We stayed aboard for the outing to the next National Park at Curu- there's a limit to how much nature us lads can take!

438 442 443 446
Achieved our dream of a banana boat ride (well . sit on!) on Tortuga and got quite friendly with this odd looking pig . A love in with Diansa

Again we skipped the next National Park at Manuel Antonio - as we said above " there's a limit to how much nature us lads can take" whereas we could twist Arnie round our wee paws when the padres left us alone !

rio1 rio2 521
But we regretted skipping Corcovado- such wet fun they all had there!, but at least the padres had some time to themselves for once


orchids 527 528
And such a short, calm ride to the beutiful Orchid Garden

Next port of call was a reserve at Golfito: glad we remained aboard as the padres returned drenched- a true tropical rain forest - all for nothing

coco s-043
A long haul out to the scenic Isla de Coco. Saw many birds & a seal on a calm zodiac ride
572 578
Yet another wet, read drenched!, landing, but we hadn't come all this way to stay aboard! Bounced over its iconic bridge. Left some food for 12 residents .


c-090 647 652
The Isla de la Plata was a highlight: wondrous blue footed boobies witht their eggs & chicks, and great views too
648 650 658
A padre photo of us with photagher Benn . Not just us in these photos- click to see more!


706 711 c-022
Then on to our penultimate port of call - Machala- saw the odd humming bird there!

Then on to Guayaquil and home- stayed in the backpack throughout that long journey, a bit tired of smiling at the camera.

When's the next holiday?

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