Boyzz in Sicily - March 2019

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Not business class, but had our own seat!


We flew to Palermo from Valencia and then drove in our Hertz car/tank to SCOPELLO

sco1 sco2 sco3 sco8 sco9
Along the road to Grace's Place, near, but not on, the coast. Lots of space and Grace adored baking - we had come to the right place
sco10 sco4 sco5 sco6 sco7
A somewhat damp day in Palermo, so didn't get out to pose a lot in the rain. The Palatinate Chapel was dazzling. Mmm.. dry enough in this yummy cafe


Scopello coastal scenery

Forward us Teds to MARSALA

seg1 seg2 mar1 mar2
Hiked round the Greek Theatre & Temple in Segesta before bedding down in Marsala. Just posing on our flooded terrace, sun?
mar5 mar5 mar4 sel1
Kept dry indoors with breakfast & a dinner nearby. Then explored more temples at the impressive Selinunte in a golf buggy




sel3 mar6 mar7 mar8 mar9
Back in Marsala, visited a wine shop, then really enjoyed tasting the local stuff in the Drunken Mermaid bar; we were quite a knockout there!


On to the Domus Maris hotel in Sciacca. Admired the view, walked a lot, pigged out on an icecream, breakfast & a great dinner in Otto's
sci1 sci2 sci3 sci4 sci5

Onwards little Teds to FAVARA

agr1 agr2 cic agr3
We stopped en route at the Valley of the Temples, Agrigento; 2 kms with 5 large temples. Also a lovely garden with fresh juices
agr4 fav1 fav2 fav3
Checked in at the Alba Palace, Favara: not a prosperous town, but authentic. Hotel dining room was odd - looked Chinese.
caf1 caf2 caf3 teds
A very enjoyable dinner in "U Maccicuni", friendly service, football enthusiasts! Above picture was in the Farm Cultural Park
A long walk along the beach to the Turkish Steps:formed by marl, a sedimentary rock with a characteristic white colour
tur3 tur1 tur2 tur4
The padre and us fellows almost got washed away - 2nd photo above- needed a coffee to recover, but no buns on sale!

Forwards in the tank to RAGUSA


rag1 rag3 rag4 rag2
A ride in a lift to get to the San Giorgio Palace hotel; good views from the bed & from the breakfast. We did not make it to the
rag5 rag6 rag9 rag8
madre's pre birthday guzzle but were there for lunch on the 28th at the 2star Duomo restaurant. Had a chat with Snr Sultano
rag7 rag10 rag11 rag12
himself & were given special chocs. All this after a long walk up to the new, 18thC., town - the train seemed only for show!


noto1 noto2 noto3
We walked for a couple of hours round Noto: a UNESCO city known for its baroque architecture. The dome of the cathedral collapsed in 1996- now rebuilt
syr1 syr2 syrpan syr3 syr4
Then on to Syracuse and its Roman & Greek ( the more impressive one) theatres; at least they were a change from temples!! We were about the total audience!
cat1 cat2 cat3 cat4 cat5
Finally checked in at the Catania Palace hotel. Dined twice in a Bib Gourmand, & once in the hotel rooftop, restaurant. The madre got spoilt with marzipans


cat21 cat-castle cat22 cat23 cat24
A long day's walking round Catania but the secret, hidden, amphitheatre was well worth it


et1 et2 et10 et4 et3
Pembroke was mighty excited this day -SNOW!!. An hour's drive to the base of the volcano Etna, and then, goody. goody, a ride in a cable car, and there it was, in all it's glory, snow!
et5 et7 et9 et6 et8
But the padres kept a stern eye on him,& he failed to stuff any down Somerville's jumper. Did not see it exploding! The madre bought Somerville some almond liquor. Safely down to molten lava

Then on to picturesque TAORMINA , the jewel of Sicily



tao1 tao2 tao3 tao5 tao5
Stayed at the Maison Blanche with wondrous view - apart from our pokey bedroom. Welcome, public rooms and breakfast great
tao6 tao7 tao8 tao9 tao10
The town was charming( once reached!), with an interesting public garden, and we had a good diinner in the Rosmarin Restaurant
tao11 tao13 tao14 tao15
and a pleasant lunch next day in an Enoteca


The Roman Theatre had a splendid setting and we certainly enjoyed the funicular more than the spiral ramp in the carpark!!

and on to our final stop near CEFALU

abb1 cef1 abb2 cef2 cef3
We stayed in the Abbazia Santa Anastasia- all the monks had long departed! Killing climb up to a great viewpoint - but 'donde el sol'?
cef4 cef5 cef6 cef7 cef8
A wander round Castelbuomo, with a pauso of course, before back to dine in style in the Abbaie


cef11 cef12 cef13 cef14
A damp explore of Cefalu - surprised we came out of our bag at all! The old washing area was interesting but, luckily, the
madre had not yet realised how grubby we were!
cef01 cef15 cef16 cef17
Made it back to Nangalarruni's in Castelbuono for a large quantities lunch - great atmosphere, but we ate too much!.

And that was the end of Sicily and we could stop pretending we were always reading that guide book!

Just an Air Malta flight back to Malta, where we were put on a diet.

And, worse still, it was a wash and a quick machine spin once we got back to Spain. So, we are really looking smart now!!

Life of the Boyzz in 2019