Boyzz 16 nights aboard the Silver Discoverer from Maputo to Mahe December 2018

We flew from Malta to Maputo via Doha on Qatar airlines

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Availed ourselves of a Business Lounge in Rome- as 6 hours was a long wait with the crowds!. Then the pater upgraded to business class in Doha, whoopee to Maputo!
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Installed ourselves into a pleasant room in the Southern Sun in Maputo with a large balcony with good views of the pool and the sea
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And enjoyed a bottle of 'Fat Bastard' wine with the pater. Good tucker at breakfasts and a word with Pere Noel

After 2 nights in Maputo we boarded our old friend the Silver Discoverer and soon settled in to a life of luxury aboard


First pawprint ashore was Tulear where we visited an Arboretum and Lemur sanctuary


We disguised quite well in this baobab!

mad4 mad1 mad2 mad3 mad5
Lots of different lizards and tortoises . Lemurs that had been injured or rescued from captivity. And then the pater discerned a rare tiny mouse lemur- was he happy!
  and1 and2 and3  
Then onto Andavadoaka, a fishing village


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Third port of call was Morondova. Fair wowed by the avenue of Baobabs and had some good grub too

back across to Mozambique


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Then tacked NW for a whole day to Mozambique Island, a charming, decaying ex Portuguese town & once superbly important fort
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Stopped at the Rickshaw for a cooling beer - my it was hot! The padres went on a dhow for a swim in a creek- we stayed with Bright


ibo5 ibo4 ibo3 ibo2 ibo1
Ibo Island was even more impressive with its decaying colonial buildings. Having walked our paws off round it & its fort, a pleasant dip was enjoyed
& we drove the zodiac back to the ship!



Next hop off, Kilwa Kisiwani, was an incredible place - had been so advanced & important 1500 years ago
kil5 kil2 kil3 kil4
zan1 zan2 zan3 zan4
Zanzibar: apart from a few doors, this was now a tourist trap. We stayed in our bag on the long walk through it, just emerged at drinks time

Assumption & Aldabra , Seychelles

ass1 ass2 ass3 ass4
After a day at sea, we were glad to stretch the paws on Assumption . Whilst the padres went off spying turtle tracks, we just propped up the bar
ald1 ald2 ald3
Could not quite eat all of this yummy barbecue on New Year's Day on Aldabra: this crab was hungry too!
ald4 ald5 ald6 ald7
The giant tortoises were giant: we preferred the stuffed ones but the padres said 'no room in the cases' . Not so scared on this shell though


ald8 ald10 ald11 ald12 ald14
Then next day an idyllic zodiac ride through the Aldabra Atoll to La Digi, more admirers & champagne here. Almost the end of the dream cruise

. . .

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Final pawfall was Desroches;unimpressive after Aldabra, with a tortoise sanctuary. Chance for another zodiac ride though, and drink ashore

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