Georgia and Armenia August-September 2018


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A good start Business Class Barcelona-Munich-Tblisi, with a few airport lounges thrown in- one could say non stop snacking!

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tb2 tb6-s tb5 tb7 tb8
Trudged for hours around Tblisi, but did cadge a ride on both a telecabina and a funicular railway - all on the same day
tb10 tb1 tb4 tb9 vin10
Stayed in the Vinotel and they had a super cellar . Also yummy food - see 2 photos with blue cloth above. And champagne for breakfast!


anna m-d
In the dungeons of te Vinotel with Anna. The padres were happy after her vino


ge1 ge2
Two of our favourite pics - what a good day!


ge3 ge5 gud1 bak2 ge11-s
Toured north via the ancient capital, Mtskheta, driving through mountains to Gudaisi, a soulless ski resort and ditto, hotel . Next day to Kasbegi Monastery :
ge4 gor2s gor3 gor4 gor1
Back down to Gori, birthplace of Stalin, where the museum still believes in his greatness, and, whoppee, let us ride on his train

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upl-pan1 . upl1-s
baku bak1 var1 vard3 vard2
Then to the cave city of Uplitske & onto Bakuriani, via Borjomi. From there to another wondrous cave complex, Vardzia. The climb knocked the stuffing out


vard4 fort argo ,gel1 .gel2
of us- needed some lunch after the exertion! Looked inwards at Rabati, eventually reaching Kutaisi & nearby Gelati Monastery-impresivo!
dam1 enguri mest-pan
Then on to Enguri Dam & via fantastic scenery to Mestia, where we stayed 3 nights
mest1 mest11 .. mest12
with a balcony with some view. Trip for a light lunch in Ushguli & 2 suppers in a german beerhouse, nice waitress!


svan1. ger1. mest12

George got lost seeking out a Svan tower impossible for us to climb, but we had another good supper, and less than good breakfast before heading on to . .

bat1 bat2 bat8 bat4
Batumi and a pleasant stay in the World Palace: excellent roof top garden for a few more snacks! Even risked a shower after a
bat5 bat6 bat7 bat3
refreshing stop at a scenic McDonald's, not allowed there often, if ever, before!. Long downhill trek in the Botanic Gardens


dav-gor2 dav-gor-3 dav-gor1 kva1 kva3 kva2
Through Tblisi again & to David Goreji monastery. Overnighted at Chateau Kevarli, modernistic room and views, and an educative wine tasting
kva6 kva7 kva4 kva10 kva9 kva11
Pleasant, but chilly, meal in the busy hotel courtyard. Stopped at Gremi & Alaverdi and saw Qvevri wine making in a small house. Then Tsinandale Palace


What a pity the sympa driver, Nuigi, could not speak our lingo- then we could have sacked the misogynist George!




marm gy2 gy1 gy3 gy4
Met on the border by a lovely guide, Hedegan. She escorted us round Marmashen monastery & into Gyumri , its museum, churches & the Berlin Art Hotel
After a night there, onto the Armas Winery. Almost spent all the time in our red car, but decided the tasting and the lunch were too good to miss!
ar1 ar2 ar3 ar4 ar5


grand1 grand2 tuf2 tuf3 tuf4
Hedegan left us in the Grand Hotel, Yerevan. After a swim & a night there, trundled over to the Tufenkian Historic hotel .Met up with Prof Theo & 6 others
tuf1 gen khor2 khor1 khor-vrap
& started our in depth tour of monasteries- fortunately a few meals were thrown in as well! After the genocide museum we headed for Khor Vrap monastery


ste-lunch noravank goris tatev1
After a cave restaurant lunch, Noravank monastery. Overnight in Goris. Onto Tatev monastery,with its Wings of Tatev -
tatev2 lunch2 cemetery dili
an amazing cablecar. Time for another lunch before a caravanserai, Noratus cemetery and the 250 steps of Sevans- below



gosh haghart tuf1 tuf2 tuf3
Yet more monasteries- Goshavank & Haghartsin- before the luxury of another Tufenkian hotel , Dzoraget( pronunciation?), beside the river with idle staff
hagpat hagpat2 lunch9 mat1 mothersee
And still more- Sanahan & Hagpat - but then some lunch!. And back to Yerevan. Multi impressed by the Matenadaran- book repository - and the Mother See.

mat2 .

Prof. Theo and Mashtots, founder of the Armenian alphabet

guiana mon9 mon8
Saghmasavank & Hovanavank- phew!, who dreamt up these names?- with guide, Guiane

. .

geg1 garni1 garni2 lunch8 lunch8a
Final day- my, only one monastery,Geghard, & then the Temple of Garni- followed by a slap up lunch, all baked underground


home1 home2
3 flights home, but, hey, all business class. What a holiday: thoroughly monasteried out but purring contentedly


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