Boyzz go to France - August 2018


That's our room, middle floor in the tower of the rural Hotel Beregau in Gallipienzo, Navarra.

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A welcome mascot, a comfy modern room, and great views to go with the yummy food , both at dinner

Click on photos to admire us in all our glory

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and at breakfast. And the owners, Ramon and Patchi, as well as their waitress, think us lads are cute!
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Off to the Foz de Lumbier and to Javier Castillo. The medieval Alpargatas below were snook in by the pater

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On to Chateau Courtebottes- superb room and views, but not so keen on all the noisy folk in their gites: had to share the pool! Supper in the Chateau



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A trip to Chateau D'Yquem. We were really looked after: a personalised tour of the grounds followed by a wee sample- nectar of the gods!


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Also a tour of Chateau Guardet in St. Emilion . And a Michelin starred restaurant in St Jean de Blaignac


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A private( just lucky!) tuc tuc drive round St. Emilion, rounded off by fizz in the cloisters
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Then on to Gaynor's & Vic's- no longer, really, phased by their dogs, but did sit up high away from them! My, that naked chef was good
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And we made it down to the lake



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Returned home via Andorra. A luxurious hotel, with an oak barrel. for bath, but we preferred the jacuzzi, and were partial to the dinner & breakfast too

And then only 5 days back in Spain before having to pack again for Georgia and Armenia!

Boyzz Life in 2018.