Boyzz trip from Iceland to Tower Bridge July 2018



jour1 jour2 jour3 jour4 jour5
Pause for a night's kip in Heathrow's Hilton Hotel, then a first breakfast in the B A Lounge before a second breakfast on board to Reykjavik


rey6 rey18 rey1 rey6 rey5
Glad the padres were paying in Reykjavik- crazy exchange rate!- but posted our lists to Santa: he should get them nice & early! Saga past times!
rey12 rey8 rey10 rey4 rey3
Persuaded the mater to have one good meal there, then, as true tourists, we did Thingvellir, Geysir, the Gullfloss waterfalls and the Hot Springs,


rey11 rey13 rey15 rey14 fish
where thay cooked us a barley loaf in the hot earth -yummy, though the pater preferred the butter! Were allowed to share the solitary portion of fish & chips
rey16 rey17 rey19 ship1
making up for it once aboard the Silver Wind at noon the next day! A delicious lunch before getting to know our butler, Marcial.


& our State Room, 706. Later reunited with Almario


isa1 isa2s isa6 isa7 isa3
Next day on to Isafjiord , a long walk, a swim - well heated pool - and the 1st of many yummy afternoon teas. Made friends with waiters, maitre d' & chef,
isa4 isa5 isa8 ship6 isa10
& dined with Joy, the suites director, & 3 from the US. Enjoyed our state room and balcony


isa9 shio7 ship7 puffins puffs
& met Aidan, the guitarist. Explored Akureyri & Seydisfjiord; home of puffins, but these scarce!, so made do with this seat & looking at their photos!

We then sailed south to the Faroe Islands,

faro2 faro3 faro-boat
Dawn pancakes at Gjovj, a charming Faroese coastal village,
views poor due to fog, but their Torshavn based Vikings were awesome

and then to the Shetland Islands, where we drove to the prehistoric site of Jarlshof


shet2 shet4 shet2 shet5 shet1  
Made friends with the Shetland ponies, explored the site, and left with Vikongo, somewhat in awe!

On to the Orkneys, Skara Brae, a neolithic settlement, & the Ring of Brodgar, standing stones even older than Stone Henge!

ork1 ork2 ork4 ork3

Then to Aberdeen

aber1 aber2 aber3
A rushed outing to Balmoral, hoping to meet the Queen, but had to settle for a photo of her!
aber4 aber5 aber6
But the grounds were great, had a quick spin round the ballroom, and on our return to the ship


My, an 'oh so proud,' Somerville!


Then onto Edinburgh, where we toured the Britannia and met Robert & Rosamund

ed1 ed2 ed3 ed4 ed5
Play time in the Ocean Terminal, where Britannia is berthed in Leith, so close to our ship! Reckon her Majesty was keener on corgis than on teds,
ed6 ed7 ed8 ed9 ed10
but she had a few friendly ones for sale in her shop! Then Fish & Chips with the pater's schoolfriend & Best Man, Robert, plus wife Rosamund

And finally down to London

And, to make up for the piper, an 'oh so proud' Pembroke


lond1 lond3 lond4
An early start to see the Thames Barrier & go under Tower Bridge, specially opened just for us! Aunts, uncles & Stephen joined us for lunch,
ship6 sip7 ship8
Tim & Wendy for dinner. And we will miss all those yummy Terrazza lunches - will just have to wait for the Silver Discovery in December


Silver Wind & the Shard - snapped by Tim


Cattle class back to Moraira


Boyzz Life in 2018.