On the high seas from Ghana to Lisbon - April 2018

16 nights aboard the Silver Cloud , followed by 2 nights in Lisbon

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gh1 gh2-s gh3 gh4
Business Class from Madrid to London, then London to Accra: we could get used to this! But maybe a more dignified
gh5 gh6 gh7 gh8
way of boarding the plane? A night in the Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra before the TRUE holiday began

16 days and nights of being pampered and super well fed- surprising that we had any time to explore ashore!

. ship40 . ship32-s

ship1 ship2 ship3 ship4-s ship5
Our first lunch up on deck was perfect, & well pleased with Suite 640, with butler, Daneesh, above , when we accessed it later
ship6-s ship7 ship8 ship9 ship10
The padre was somewhat partial to afternoon tea. The dinner we had with the Cruise Consultant, Emily & mum Jude, just sent him to sleep!
ship11 ship12 ship21 ship22 ship25
Hot Rocks dining got colder as we sailed north. And were we proud of that certificate received from Captain Adam - free washing & all!
ship26 ship27 ship28 ship29 ship35
Enjoyed our meals with Victoria and Claire - though La Dama was a rip off!
ship36 ship35 ship31 ship34-s ship33
And even had a few games of bridge . Alphonso & Snitzhana kept us well entertained on the piano, & all the waiters were whizz




First port of call was Takoradi, to visit two Cape Coast Slave castles, but we first stopped to see fish being smoked & then visited a school

cape9 cape1 cape2 cape3 cape4
The usual police escort (to facilitate our progress or to keep tabs on us bears?). The 2 castles visited were impressive, but sinister with all their history
cape5 cape10 cape6 cape7-s cape8-s
Found some friends at lunch, before being fascinated by Pablo's drone - later saw its impressive shots!

Next day we went ashore in the Ivory Coast.

iv10 iv5 iv3 iv4
Once more the police escort- & 3 of our super expedition team. Grand Bassam was past its heyday! , but hey, look how it once looked!

Then onto Sierra Leone

sie7-s sie2 sie3-s
We defied the waves to get ashore at Tokeh in a zodiac but got drenched on the return voyage!
sie4 sie5 sie6-s
Decided eating the cake was better than fire

Next day we went ashore in Freetown and drove to the Chimp Sanctuary


chimp2 chimp13 chimp2 chimp3-s
After a colourful show on the quay, we were driven to a football match for amputees before heading to what was, really, a zoo!
chimp4 chimp5 chimp6 chimp7
After lunch in the hills, a quick visit to the National Museum and then, what fun, the Railway Museum
chimp11-s chimp8-s chimp9 chimp10

On to a "Thomo's" tour of the Gambia- only the final fishing beach we visited was really worth seeing

gam1 gam2 gam3 gam4 gam8
A lorry made a change from a coach, and no police escort! The school was begging, but the primitive beach cafe was authentic. Loos in a nondescript museum
gam5 gam6-s gam7-s gam9 gam10

We then arrived in Senegal and had a half day tour of Dakar- hardly Silversea expedition worthy!

sen3 sen-4sm sen2
But the sand painting was fascinating and the North Korean Bronze monument..well...bizarre


But this was followed by an afternoon on Goree Island- with its colonial architecture, just made for the padres !


gor1-s gor2 gor3-s gor5 gor4
The ferry parked alongside the Silver Cloud to transport us across- got to know its captain en route! Then we detatched ourselves from the guides & had a
gor6 gor7 gor10 gor9 gor8
super explore of dilapidated buildings, guns, castle.. The dinner was a shambles & we were missing when they brought the return ferry forward 'Not our fault'!

Still in Senegal, next day we journeyed down to the shell island at Joal Fadiout

joal1 joal2 joal3-s joal4
Walked the long way round, but then dithered too long about taking a canoe back: that did for the madre's ribs-ouch!!
joal5 joal6-s joal8 joal7
A beer to recover, a visit to a primitive village & then we were suspected of being terrorists yet again!-all we wanted was lunch

Thence to the Spanish Sahara, well . . Morocco calls it the Western Sahara, and we were well tagged by the Moroccan Stazi!


sah8 sah2-s sah3
Trips in the desert on 2 successive days was not good planning , & those poor camels . . .
sah5-s sah6 sah7-s

And finally to Marrakech, a near 3 hour drive from the port of Safi


mar1 mar2-s mar3 mar4 mar5-s
The Bahia Palace had wondrous ceilings, but too many visitors- even in April. Lunch was peppered with music & belly dancers
mar6 mar11 mar8-s mar7-s mar9
The visit to the Majorelle Gardens- Yves St Laurent- was a highlight, even in the rain. And the medina seemed less aggresive than in the 1980s!

End of the road ( or rather the sea!) Lisbon

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