Burma 2017

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Another episode in our adventure packed lives - from Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya via Burma


barce-hotel1 burma2 burma3 burma8-s
We stopped at hotel Can Panyeela in Gelida- good grub in an impressive comedor. And then well looked after on Singapore Airlines


burma4 burma6-s burma7 burma5 burma9
The Pillars137 hotel in ChiangMai was most impressive- looked like being a top notch holiday!.Just the one night there before on to the Maree Dheva near ChiangRai
burma11 burma12 burma10 burma13 burma14
stopping at a tea plantation, lovingly cared for by guide & driver. This hotel also de lujo, though a trifle cold
tri1-s tri2 golden tri4 tri3
Visited the temple of Wat PaSak, then the Opium Museum and had a river trip to Laos- but decided not to bother entering, been there before!. Enjoyed the food on the river bank

Then on into Burma, staying 2 nights in Keng Tung and visiting some local hill tribes


Then a plane to Heho and a drive to the fascinating Inle Lake


sanc1 inle20-s sanc2 sanc3 inle21
A pleasant sejourn at the, largish, Sanctum hotel. Then 2 days of hopping in and out of boats- & with no recuperating bones we were better at that than the mater!
inle4 inle3 inle5 inle11 inle13
Between monasteries, pagodas, floating gardens, markets and fishermen, we found time for a couple of local meals
inle10 inle14-s inle15-s inle18 inle17
Fantastic stupas at Wat Pasak and even the odd buffalo in the water . The wee hotel buggy proved useless for our luggage!
inle16 fish inle2 buggy



ava1 ava3 ava4 ava5 ava6
A flight to Mandalay, a carriage ride round the ancient Burmese capital, Ava, & then a stay in the Rupar Mandalay, loved their elephants!
ava7 ava8 ava9-s mand2 mahamuni
In Mandalay we visited the U Bein bridge- overpopulated!- then lunch before being impressed by over 1000 monks at the monastery Shwenanda, then Pagoda Mahamuni, Burma's 2nd most holy place, followed by the world's largest book- above- , its stupas & temples
ava10-s mand1 got3 got1 got2
Next day three hours in a train, passing over the Goktiek Viaduct at 300 m above ground level in the Shan mountains, on our way to Hsipaw

Hsipaw & Pyin oo Lwin/ Maymyo

hsi1 hsi2 hsi3 hsi2 hsi6
We then stayed at Mr Charles Riverside Lodge and chatted to Mr Charles himself! A lovely day on the river to a magical place, plus cafe!, then back to explore
hsi8 hsi9 hsi7 pwin1 pwin2
a Shan village, where we saw a rare frate train. Then back to Pyin oo Lwin/ Maymyo, a former British hill station . Another carriage ride around the old colonial
pwin2 pyin1 pwin4 pwin3 pwin5
mansions before a visit to the colourful Botanical Gardens, established 1915. A yummy cafe was in walking distance from the Pyin oo Lwin hotel

.pwin6 . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . pau11

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A blissful 24 hour trip down the river Irrewaddy aboard the R V Pautang to Bagan

pau1 pau3 pau2 pau5 pau4
Royally welcomed aboard. Approved of the cabin layout with a pleasant balcony, good for spotting other river craft
pau6 pau7 pau8-s pau9 pau11-s
Lots of deck space and good food and even met the Captain!
pau10 bag2 bag1 bag9 bag10
Even got up early for this sunrise . . . . before 3 days around the thousands of awesome stupas in Bagan.
bag5 bag6 bag7 bag4 bag3
Pleasant hotel with playthings for us!
bag11 bag12 bag14 bag15-s bag13
Travelled over to the island of Ryun Thiri with our lovely guide,Nilar. Saw how to cook rice in quantaties!! And lots of village life .

Then on to Yangon, with its breath-taking Shwedagon Pagoda


and its end of an era Strand Palace Hotel - below 100 years ago!


yan2 yan5 yan6 yan3
Our suite was really luxurious and we had a personal butler ( though actually not too bright!). Hotel had porters dressed like vicars!
yan8 yan6 yan9 yan10
We were not able to eat in their gastronomic restaurant( closed- unbeknown to the butler!) but the tapas, bar& high tea kept us going .
yan13 yan4 yan7 yan14-s
A trishaw ride round Dallah and a stroll round Kandawgyi park, plus lots of time in the dazzling Shwedagon complex

The Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo

rock5 rock1 rock6
We drove for 4 hours and then decamped into a crowded ( ah but we had the front seat!) lorry for the last 30 minutes of the journey, then by paw. This impressive golden rock balances on a knife edge, & is supposedly prevented from slipping by a hair of the buda : the 3rd most sacred site in Burma. Saw rubber tapping on the way back.
rock2 rock4-s rock3-s

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Sailing on the Mergui archipelago

vic2 vic2 vic3
Flew south to Kawthaung, stayed at the Victoria Cliff-wondrous views.
meta1 meta10 meta12-s meta13-s meta15
Then, with difficulty for the mater, onto the Meta4, Burma Boating . . . And a very snug cabin! . . A snug place on deck. . ." Let us out of the bag please", Cathy
meta2 meta3 meta4 meta6 meta6
Had whole sandy beaches to ouurselves whilst the other 5- Americans!- snorkelled. A couple of short treks to observe sunsets
meta17-s meta18 meta7 meta8 meta9
Caught a carp- good as sushi and later grilled. Yummy breakfasts too. A visit to some sea otters. And the final Happy Hour . Then back aboarrd with Lisa


We then flew on to Dawei, an unmodernised old Burmese town and spent the night there, unfortunately forgettting to demand photographs!! And from there we drove four hours to the Thai border,

dawei-1 dawei-2
The Chinese hotel in Dawei & the challenges of the border area!

and from there to Kanchanaburi and its Bridge over the River Kwai


kan1 kan2 kan3 kan4 kan5
Our river view room at the Oriental Kwai Hotel was superb- wonderful views from it and from the gardens & restaurant and lots of wee friends around
kan10 kan11-s kan12 kan15 kan6
kan13 kan7 kan9 kan16 kan8
We got our tickets for the railway, halted the train by the bridge and off we went, to Hellfire Pass- a sombre experience


Leaving the River Kwai we drove to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand


ay2 ay3 ay3 ay4-s ay5
En route we stopped at the Royal Summer Palace, Bang Pa-In, enjoying a buggy ride round this- due to the heat- and a cablecar ride across to a buddhist temple .
ay6 ay7 ay8-s ay9 ay11
Baan Thai House Hotel was not quite so 'de lujo' but we enjoyed seeing the railway station & the ancient stupas in Ayutthaya

Thence flights back from Bangkok to Singapore, Milan, Barcelona

What a lot to tell all the other Teds!

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