Visit to Carcassonne, France and Rioja 2015


carc1 carc4 carc3 carc6 car2

We stayed 2 nights in an impressive room near Carcassonne- but no dinner!. We explored the castle and the ramparts and had a slap up lunch. After 2 nights we took a look at Castelnaudary, where the parents had been so, so many years previously, on the way north to St Priest le Fougeres to meet up again with our old canine 'friends'-um? -Fina & Toby- and - certainly friends! - Gaynor and Vic

carc6 . carc7 . canal . vic7

Carcassonne and its gourmet food . Monument at the head of the Canal du Midi- closed! Is Fina friend or foe ?- she barks a lot.

vic1 vic2 vic3
Lots of nice flowers here in Gaynor's garden
vic4 vic5 vic8
Good food too from Vic and Gaynor. Father had a birthday - a wee brother Pierre arrived on it


After 3 days of good living, we returned via the Palacio de dos Olivios Hotel in Rioja

Life of the Boyzz in 2015