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We were a trifle shy being with a group of 6, so unfortunately did not have our photos taken en route as much as normal

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Pembroke & Somerville set off for 3+ weeks to Colombia & Venezuela, July 8th 2015. Missing their flight in Madrid, got a bit stroppy- paws through their bag!
cartagena1 cartagena2
cartagena3 cartagena4
Once in Cartagena they were happy in Gastelbondo boutique hotel, loved the old colonial houses of the city and the statues of Eduardo Carmona
cartagena5 cartagena6
tayrona1 tayrona2
Joined the Group-Manuelita, Jeannette, Jennifer, Nick & leader Max-in Casa Lucy, basic room, kind staff. On to Tayrona, avoided the mossies,not the campari
gallina1 gallina3
gallina4 gallina6
After a 14 k trek in Tayrona they rested until Punto Gallina - worth getting out at the most northernmost point of South America! Friendly, restful Posada there
cabo2 cabo1 jaguey1 jaguey2 jaguey3
Returned to Cabo de la Vela for another night. Left Guajira,drove across the Venezuelan border- heads down! - to Maracaibo, then onto Jaguey Thermal Springs


ologa1. ologa5 . ologa4 . .bravera5

A rare picture of Nick, the photo shy member of the group, with Chris, Jeannette & David at Ologa-above. Also the parents with the famous lightning
Thence to one of the highlights of our trip- the Catatumbo lightning. Accommodation was again basic- we had separate bunks,8 in the room & had to keep getting up throughout the night to see the lightning storms. But we made sure we caught the boat back, by clinging on to the returns bottle crate!
ologa2 ologa3
congo2 ologa6
Stopped off on the way back to Puerto Concha at Congo, a fishing village on stilts- time there to have several photos taken. with Manuelita, Jennifer & Alan
bravera1 bravera2
bravera3 bravera6
Estancia Bravera luxury-they all liked us there. Trouble was they did not provide ponchos our size!. Even got our own seat on the minibus when we was good
merida1 merida2
merida4 merida5
Regretted refusing to get up at 5 in Merida: we missed the rare snow & a donkey. Enjoyed Casa Sol Posada; ate so much that poor Max had a problem paying!
canaima1 canaima2
canaima3 canaima4
Left the group in Caracas & flew to Canaima. Waku Lodge was in a marvellous setting; wondrous cascades & lots of scenic seats for us
canaima5 angel2
Did get up at 4.30 to get to the Angel Falls in our own canoe. 5 scenic hours later very grateful for the piggy back up to base of the Falls- a long slog for mater
canaima8 cnaima7
canaima10 caracas
Last day at Waku, another canoe ride to hidden cascades- proud of the mater above . Then back for a night at Caracas Airport- home Business Class of course

angel3 .angel6 .

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