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Pembroke and Somerville set off for 5+ weeks towards the Pacific Ocean on October 9th 2014. First stop was a top quality wine hotel just south of Barcelona Airport, then a day exploring Singapore- both on a river cruiser & on an opentop bus! - en route to Fiji , where they had a 6 day stay.
wine-hotel boys-wine sing1 sing2
Hotel Mastinell
A great room!
Fairly calm on this ship!
The Singapore Botanical Gardens were very scenic. Good food too in ChinaTown
boys-sing-air sing5 fiji2 fiji1 fiji3 fiji-hotel
Quite liked Singapore Airways Needed a coffee at the airport In Fiji they stayed at Sea Winds Villa in Korulevu and were well pampered by Kimberley. Wondrous views from their terraza and from their bed - but it was somewhat windy!


On the Saturday they boarded the Silver Explorer in Lautoka, Fiji. From here on life was a bit of an adventure. They spent a few days getting their sealegs and getting to know the crew aboard, testing a few of the products whilst doing so.
exp1 exp6 expl-tea exp8 exp9
With friends Peter & Tua
and Peter's penguin & puffin
Yummy, yum
In their Stateroom 314
New'shipborne credit' friends
exp4 exp7 exp3 exp5 exp10
With friend Amy at reception
& those 4 newfriends
This is the life! Often swathed in garlands Dinner was past their bedtime




They thus missed the first few stops in Fiji, Fulanga, Neiafu and Niue
fulaga1 hokulea neiafu niue
Approach to Fulanga
Chris in Neiafu
Silver Explorer off Niue

But then they managed to smuggle themselves ashore- not too sure of those zodiac rides! - in two of the Polynesian islands.


They first made land in the fascinating island of Palmerston; the ~50 occupants of this paradise are all called Marsters, descendants of William Marsters, who settled there in 1860 with 3 polynesian wives. In 1954 the yacht Solace, sailed by a Commander Clark with the help of a Saint Lucian teenager, Stanley Withurin, was badly damaged there, necesitating 9 months of repairs. Stanley just happened to be a passenger on our Silver Explorer: just imagine the welcome these islanders gave him after 60 years.
palm6 palm2 palm3 pqlm4 marsters palm5
. . . .David with Boyzz. . . . . . . . .. . Stanley in 1954 & 2014. . . . . . . . . . . . A warm welcome . . . . . . . . . The grave of William Marsters: himself . . . . . .Pembroke,Mr Marsters & Chris

They skipped Aitutaki and Bora Bora but managed an afternoon of leisure on the golden Tahitian islet of Iriru.


tah-1 tah-2 airport cairns cairns-2
Bidding farewell to the Explorer with its wondrous crew but hopeless Expedition leader, Mick Fogg, it was ashore for two days in Villa Matarapu in Tahiti. Then they flew on via Auckland & Brisbane to an Il Palacio Appartment in Cairns


November 3rd saw them boarding the Silver Discoverer for an 18 day "Mysteries of the Coral Sea" expedition- and expedition it was with the enthusiastic Conrad in charge- what a contrast to Mick!!

. sana2

disc2 disc3 disc4 tufi4 disc5 disc6
Stateroom 511
pampered by the staff
& even disguised
Carnival night around the pool
lots of friends around!
tufi2 alotau1 tufi1 tufi3 tufi5 tufi6
Down the Tufi fjord on own canoe- well, shared with C & D-no work needed.
What a warrior!
and more surprising locals
Safe with Chris & Claire


sana1 sana3
They were wary of venturing ashore in the zodiacs - too much of a risk of getting drenched by a wave, but, they insisted on coming ashore in Santa Ana in the Solomon Islands: to see the famous Mud Men
es-san1 champ van1 espir tanna
Water hole in Espiritu Santo. Musical water ladies, Champagne Beach. . . . . .Rom Dance of the wild men of Ambrym . . . . . . . . . Tanna - the roaring Volcano
They then needed a few quiet days to recover, so missed out on Espiritu Santo, Ambrym, Tanna and the somewhat disappointing trip in New Caledonia, but then regained the adventure bug and went ashore in Norfolk Island and then again at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands
nor1 nor3 nor4 norf6 nor5
Comfy bus this trip . and a new friend too. Then more friends in the Museum shop before Conrad & Daniil bought some icecreams- Yes Please! - & a fishfry lunch too
nor2 wait1
wait2 wait3
Thirsty work exploring! The canoes and the Maoris were overpowering at Waitangi, but whilst the parents were feasting there, the boyzz found yet more new friends


That was the last of their South Seas adventures, just one last shot in Auckland Harbour with their favourite waiter, before back to Moraira to wait for their next big holiday,, YES!, back on the Silver Explorer- Up the coast of West Africa in 2015


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