Travels in Bolivia, Chile and Argentina 2014.

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Note the size of the Uyuni Salt Flats - that's BIG for us Teds!

Pembroke and Somerville enjoyed practising their newly adquired spanish on an adventurous trip to Bolivia, Chile & Argentina in April & May 2014. They flew from Madrid, to Lima, then onwards to Santa Cruz, before the getting in a small Amazonas plane to the old Bolivian capital of Sucre. A really nice hotel here - and they even widened their horizons further than their customary 'guardians of the bed' role, with regard to having their photos taken

amazonas bear2 bear3 sucre1 bear5
They loved the life in the parador Santa Maria de Real, Sucre , and their parents enjoyed a local folkshow and the colonial buildings of this former Capital City
zebra bear6 mine
& even met the odd zebra-odd 1 Did not find any silver in Potosi : were glad not to go into a mine The vast salt flat of Uyuni was,well, just awe inspiring
bear12 bear13 bear14 bear15 bear16
Liked the hexagonal salt shapesand then slept in a salt bed andwalked on salt floors. Salt, salt! Then on to a hotel made all of stone. Made friends with llamas
bear17 bear18 bear19 car-boys bear21
Once out of the jeep, they insisted on having lots of photos taken, with David, with Jose and on top of the jeep, Wilmer . Fascinated by this viscacha, who eyed them too!.


bear22 des46 bear24 bear25 bear26
Onto a desert hotel, with friend Yasser. Then mud, mud,glorious! before settling down to 3 days of luxury at San Pedro de Atacama. As much as one could drink,
sanp5c sanp5d bear29 salta4 salta5
spoilt by the friemdly waiters And taken to the Humedales Then into Argentina & more salt flats, even a chance for a swim
bear32 bear33 bear34 bear35 bear36
Comfy again in Salta but not too keen on this 500yr old mummy South to Quebada de Conchas Views in Tafi - but not so comfy Chanarmuyo Bodega was fine
bear37 bear38 bear39 bear40 fert26s
& they enjoyed wondrous views and the bodega here Cablecabril ruins nr Chilecito 8 rivers to cross to get to bed in Valle Fertil. . . Parents, Talampaya


bear43 bear44 bear45 bear46 mend22s
A different Sphinx, valle de la Luna, to that seen by the old Teds. Then luxury again in Mendoza. Tapas, log fires, asados .... Degustacion menus
bear48 bear49 bear51 bear51 bear52
in Clos de Chacras Bodega lots of small courses and wines to accompany them. Also admired by Tania Then flew back with the Pope!

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